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Fall Guys releases Season 3 details and Sunken Secrets trailer – Effinate Games

Autumn guys just teased its upcoming season with a cinematic trailer along with a full post breaking down all the brand new shows, obstacles and tie-ins fans can expect. Sunken Secrets launches on November 22, 2022, including collaborations with Spongebob Squarepants, Skyrimand Ultraman. You can watch today’s new movie on Autumn guys YouTube channel here:

Autumn guys continues to prove that it knows how to incorporate a strong theme. The Kraken Slam was a highlight from the official postas the kraken itself is a more flexible obstacle than usual.

The fact that using fleets to progress will spawn more tentacles is a clever twist. Beans in front of you can take different paths, so players can never be quite sure where the next tentacle will appear.

The new sliding mechanic is clearly the biggest update and it will be interesting to see how this speeds up the shows. For now, it’s unclear how fast players will slide, in the Hoop Chute or even the Speed ​​Slider.

The latter will of course be faster, but it will require a fine balance. Pumping more speed into the game will require faster reflexes. You can’t help but think of a certain ice cream sliding in Super Mario 64 it was positively annoying.

Since the game travels underwater, a crossover with spongebob makes complete sense. And it’s really fun that niche characters like Ultraman gets a nod, and with SkyrimThere is something for everyone.

This can start to feel overwhelming. But Autumn guys has always been co-op heavy, so it feels more like a feature than a gimmick by now. In addition, there are also always lots of original designs, which are often quite creative or cute. The art design and humor of Autumn guys have always been its strengths, allowing fans to overlook some minor gameplay issues.

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