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Fall Guys leak teases Season 2’s new cosmetics and theme – Effinate Games

A new leak of key artwork for Autumn guys highly anticipated Season 2 has given fans a look at some very fun space-themed cosmetics, courtesy of @FGPancake.

No release date has been confirmed for Season 2 yet, though it’s expected to arrive within a few weeks, with many rumors pointing to September 13. The new leak from @FGPancake seems to confirm that season 2 is at least coming soon.

There are several new cosmetics to check out in the leak, including a number of cute alien and cat-inspired outfits:

Adding any kind of cat-themed cosmetics is a guaranteed win, but the leaked art also shows off the signature sense of fun that Autumn guys has always understood and used for its cosmetics.

And despite all the recent crossovers with popular IP, such as the massive tie-in with Sonic the Hedgehog, some of the new concepts still feel a little inspired by familiar content such as Sailor Moon. The space cracker with constellations is perhaps a slight nod to it No Man’s Sky or Solo: A Star Wars Story.

The Space Ranger outfit is definitely a win, colorful and detailed. The general variation of familiar space imagery is generally successful, even with simpler cosmetics like the astronauts (all eyes on Artemis 1).

In general, fans responded happily to the new artwork, which also hints at the kind of gameplay to expect in Season 2. Space levels, playing with gravity, rockets, satellites, and more will likely populate Season 2’s original content.

For now is Autumn guys developers have not announced anything official for Season 2. They are still focused on current events, such as the Tip Toe tournament:

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