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Fall Guys announces Season 2 Cosmetics, Maps and Release Date – Effinate Games

Autumn guys has officially released an entertaining new trailer, cinematic trailer, and a lengthy blog post detailing all the new content fans can expect to see next season. The new season, now titled “Satellite Scramble”, will be released soon on September 15, 2022.

Here is the big announcement from Autumn guys Twitter feed, which includes two marketing trailers that are only slightly different:

It’s strange to see Autumn guys wait so long before the literal launch date, only to release a surprising amount of content that fans will get this Thursday. While they prepared fans with a special satellite event, most of the recent leaks for Season 2 were pretty limited, so there was no incentive to explain that much.

The new trailers don’t bother to show any gameplay, which is a little disappointing, but the marketing tactics continue to be as creative and silly as fans could possibly hope for.

The official one blog post included some images of the upcoming content, including detailed explanations of new obstacles, rounds and cosmetics. Fortunately, the art design and names for each new course and cosmetic are pretty clever.

Players will have to find invisible paths, stick to giant hoverboards or recreate pixel patterns by jumping on tiles. Overall, the developers have definitely delivered the space in all the best possible ways.

Meanwhile, some of the new costumes will include famous IP crossovers like Spock, Xenomorph and Hatsune Miku. While these will provide a fun incentive to invest in the battle pass, the original costumes seem even more interesting and cute.

The introduction of new obstacles like Ion Thrusters, Hover Platforms, and Trolleybots suggests that the developers may indeed be moving beyond cosmetic-driven content in the future. However, there are still plenty of bugs to be ironed out, including persistent issues with matchmaking and terrain hiccups.

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