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Even More Silent Hill Leaks Pour Out To The Internet – Effinate Games

Silent Hill remains the internet’s greatest paradox. It is a game that simultaneously exists in a state of existing and not existing at the same time. A day ago we saw a leak of what was believed to be a scrapped Silent Hill 2 remake made by Bloober in 2018 that was scrapped, but the earliest leak for Silent Hill has made a remarkable comeback.

Even more Silent Hill Leaks to come

Silent Hill is a series that hasn’t had a new entry in the series since Silent Hill: Downpour since 2012, and despite an entire console generation passing by, we were also robbed of any new titles in the series.

But throughout the console generation we were met with constant rumors that developers from different parts of the world were all working on a rumored Silent Hill Remake/Reboot or some other kind of revival of the series.

One of the rumors turned out to be true as we got the earliest leak of a Silent Hill leaked screenshot showing a mysterious woman.

The same mysterious woman is back, with even more details and a name too – Sakura.

A slide showing the unreleased Silent Hill Game
Silent Hill screenshot
A better look at the previously leaked Silent Hill screenshots
Silent Hill screenshot
A Silent Hill screenshot placed in a hallway
A Silent Hill screenshot
fighting a nurse
Continuing the leak from the Sakura leak
A possible piece of concept art belonging to Sakura
The final leak of the Sakura concept
The mysterious slide belonging to Sakura continued.

All the images were first leaked by Andrew Marmo on Twitter, but they deleted the images and later linked to one imgur album who hosted the pictures.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about the world of Silent Hill and whether we’ll ever get another entry into it, but these images exist as a reminder of something that could have been.

What are your thoughts on the new round of leaks? Let us know in the comments section below.

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