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Europa Universalis IV: Lions of the North DLC gets new feature breakdown trailer – Effinate Games

Paradox Interactive shared a new video detailing the features of Europa Universalis IV: Lions of the Nordicsthe latest expansion to the long-running grand strategy game.

Europa Universalis IV: Lions of the Nordics will be released on September 13th and will add a ton of new content based around Northern Europe.

This includes new mission trees for Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Scandinavia, The Teutonic Order, Poland, Lithuania and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Livonian Order and Courland, Riga, Danzig, Gotland and Finland.

The expansion also adds new government reforms, new property privileges, new unit types, new unit sprites and 6 new music tracks.

You can find an overview video that goes into more detail about the new content below.

You can find an overview (via Steam) below:

Europa Universalis IV: Lions of the Nordics adds new mission trees and historical options for a number of Baltic nations. Many of these options include new “branching missions” that allow greater variety and replayability as you explore different alternate stories through the decisions you make.

Europa Universalis IV: Lions of the Nordics includes new mission trees for:

  • Denmark: The leader of the Kalmar Union wants unity in the kingdom and may pursue commercial and political dominance of the Hanseatic and North Sea trading regions.
  • Sweden: A great power in waiting Sweden can claim a prime position in Scandinavia, ready to intervene and project power on the continent.
  • Norway: Resist the influence of powerful partners and forge a new path as a naval power in the North Sea or even across the Atlantic.
  • Scandinavia: A united northern nation will have a wide range of new opportunities to project its power as the cold lands of the region become more developed.
  • Teutonic Order: Once a great crusader state, it now struggles for survival against Polish and Lithuanian pressure. Follow the path to become Prussia, or rediscover the zealous power of the religious war.
  • Poland, Lithuania and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth: Unite the kingdoms and develop your vast lands while maintaining unity against recalcitrant nobles.
  • Livonian Order and Courland: Follow the crusader’s path to compete with your heretical neighbor or secularize your state.
  • Riga: A religious merchant in the Hanseatic League, Riga can manipulate trade alliance politics to incite conflict and reap the spoils.
  • Danzig: Create a Prussian nation from this important city-state.
  • Gotland: Choose different paths such as monarchy, trading republic or pirate harbor to dominate the Baltic Sea.
  • Finland: A free Finland can explore its destiny separate from Swedish rule.

This package also includes:

  • Unique Government Reforms: New government reform opportunities for many nations in the area.
  • New Unit Types: Recruit Swedish Carolean Infantry and Polish-Lithuanian Wing Hussars under certain conditions.
  • New property privileges for regional powers.
  • New Unit Sprites: 35 new pieces of unit art for Scandinavian and Baltic nations.
  • New music: 3 new Scandinavian theme songs and 3 new Baltic theme songs.

Europa Universalis IV has been available on Windows PC via Steam.

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