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Era of Conquest, 4399’s upcoming 4X RTS game, launches second early bird server with improved features – Effinate Games

Era of Conquest has officially launched a new server for early bird fans of the 4X RTS, letting eager fans get their hands on the game during the closed beta test now available on Google Play. Publisher 4399’s upcoming cross-platform strategy title lets players step into the role of a prominent lord as they expand their territories across the globe.

In the Era of Conquest early bird server, players will be able to keep their game data from the event. Additionally, purchases made will be 100% rewarded once the game is officially released. Players will fight to regain their honor across epic battles on the battlefield as they build their own empires while simultaneously summoning historical legends.

The game also features different civilizations like Rome, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, France, China and more. It boasts multi-language support across 11 languages ​​(English, Arabic, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese, Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese).

In the second early bird server, players can look forward to improved league and manager features, as well as an optimized task system and ability system. If you’re eager to experience the game for yourself, check out Era of Conquest on Google Play Store for Android devices, or look at official website to keep you updated on all the latest developments.

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