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Embracer CEO is disappointed by Saints Row’s “polarizing” response – Effinate Games

Now that Saints Rows has released and was met with lukewarm reception, it stands at an average critic score of 64 on OpenCritic at this stage. These numbers disappointed Lars Wingefors, CEO of Embracer, which is the parent company of publisher Deep Silver and developer Volition.

Lars spoke during Embracer’s general meeting, where the polarizing reaction from Saints Row was discussed.

“Personally, I was hoping for a bigger reception to the game,” Wingefors said. “It’s been very polarizing. There’s a lot of things that could be said in detail about it, but on the one hand I’m happy to see lots of players and fans happy, and at the same time I’m a little sad to see fans not too happy, so it’s hard.”

However, he expressed that they should be patient in determining whether the game is a success or not.

“I think we have to wait for the quarterly report in November to get more details around this,” he said. “We’re still pretty early in our release window and still collecting data, and there’s also bug fixing and more content coming.”

He added: “On the financial side, I know, or I’m sure, that we will make money on the investment. Would it have as big a return on investment as we’ve seen in many other games? Not very likely, but we will make money, and in any case it is a very good starting point.”

Wingefors concluded by believing that the game will still become profitable down the line, although it certainly won’t be as big a return on investment as originally hoped.

However, he remains confident Saints Row franchise despite the latest release’s poor reception. “Obviously, you always want every installment of any IP to be bigger than the last,” he said.

When asked about the future of the series, Lars said: “And what you do is, it’s quite a process to evaluate your position, the result, and there are hundreds of people involved in this game in the group, so I still have a big trust in those people and I’m sure they will recommend things for the future.”

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