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Elden Ring: The Board Game announced, will have a Kickstarter campaign “soon” – Effinate Games

If you felt like sharing the Tarnished experience with your friends, Steamforged Games recently announced that they are working on an Elden Ring board game. They are the same studio behind the Dark Souls board game adaptations and are known for making faithful adaptations of video games into enjoyable tabletop experiences. A campaign has been created on Kickstarter, but it is not live yet.

Elden Ring was released in February and has been well received by the gaming community, with over 16.6 million copies of the game currently sold. Steamforged Games hasn’t dropped too many details yet, but they have mentioned the Grafted King as one of the bosses you can fight. A miniature of Margit, the Fell Omen has also been spotted and will likely be included in the game as well.

The game will be played with one to four players, and the Tarnished will venture across the Lands Between, visiting familiar locations and battling grueling enemies. There will be no need for dice when playing, even when fighting enemies. Combat will require players to adapt to their situation and plan strategies, whether they’re up against bosses or regular enemies.

Elden Ring’s gameplay is similar to Dark Souls, and the Dark Souls board game also involves learning from your deaths, empowering yourself with souls, and getting better gear. While there will be some additions to explore (such as mounted combat), players will likely choose their classes and embark on a journey similar to a regular Dark Souls tabletop experience.

You can register announcements on Kickstarter knowing when the campaign will go live, as well as other details about the game that will be provided as the release date approaches.

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