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Edengate: The Edge of Life announced for October 2022 – Effinate Games

Edengate: The Edge of Life has been revealed with a TGS announcement trailer, which mostly features cinematics and a brief glimpse of gameplay. The title is scheduled to launch on October 25, 2022, and will be available on Steam, PS4, or Xbox One. You can watch the full trailer on YouTube here:

Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t do much more than offer up the premise. As a result, most viewers found immediate comparisons to Quiet hill, which is a beloved franchise and fierce competition for the genre. With the moody exploration, horror and mystery, it seems very similar.

There are sure to be more updates coming soon that will hopefully clear some up Edengate distinguishable elements. So far, the trailer relied on some award-winning names and hinted at the general tone that gamers should expect. The gameplay shows an attempt to create tactile, immersive interactions, but it remains to be seen if it will feel that way at launch.

Edengate: The Edge of Life is published by HOOK, who has also worked on Unholy, which certainly oozes far more personality and has generated a lot of positive hype since it was announced in July. But it suggests you might not want to count out Edengate just yet.

The steam product page to Edengate reveals much more than the trailer, adding that fans should also expect puzzles, obstacles, an extensive voice-over performance, and broader existential themes.

It all sounds a little too ambitious now that the gameplay has been revealed, which has the feel of a lower budget. But with the right approach, indie games can achieve as much as any AAA title. Despite a questionable announcement trailer, it’s always best to reserve judgment for later.

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