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Early Build Footage of GTA 6 Allegedly Leaks on the Internet – Effinate Games

It seems that early construction footage of what is supposed to be GTA 6 has been leaked onto the internet. A user named teapotuberhacker on GTAForums had linked a ZIP file that had more than 90 videos of what they called GTA 6. The footage showed an early build of the game, which featured female and male playable characters. it also featured a location that seems eerily similar to Vice City, a fictional representation of Miami.

GTA 6 Details: What We Know

Footage of this alleged GTA 6 has been shared all over the internet including Youtube and Twitter.

The video above shows a male protagonist in what appears to be a nightclub or bar during a mission. They are also spoken to by an NPC. In this clip, the subtitle placeholder refers to the playable character as Jason. The club appears to represent the Malibu Club from Vice City, thus solidifying this leak.

In the video above, we see the female playable character looting a restaurant. They are looting along with what appears to be the male character in the previous video. Various files refer to the female playable character as Lucia. The animations and movements also seem to be well done.

One of the places shown in the video is called Port Gelhorn. In addition to that, there is a messaging app called WhatsUp! obviously refers to real WhatsApp. Also, one of the leaked clips shows the game being tested on a PS4 developer kit. This could mean that GTA 6 will appear on last generation consoles as well as new ones.

The characters, which are male and female, were confirmed by a Bloomberg report Before.

Take Two interactive or Rockstar still haven’t filed a DMCA complaint for any of the videos or screenshots yet.

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