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EA Sports College Football set to launch in 2024, later than originally expected – Effinate Games

Almost two full years ago, EA Sports revealed its plans to revive its college football franchise. The publisher and developer announced that NCAA Football would return, albeit with a different name: EA Sports College Football. Since then, all has been quiet on EA’s end, but there should now be some clarity on when football fans can expect the franchise to return. Unfortunately, it appears to be later than originally expected.

EA Sports officially confirmed that the return of their college football franchise will now come in the summer of 2024, a year later than originally expected. The news was confirmed by Daryl Holt, vice president and general manager of EA Sports.

Under one interview with ESPN, Holt stated that the wait is due to the “enormous amount of work involved in creating the game from the ground up.” The 2024 release, per EA, will allow the development team to release a game that lives up to the expectations of soccer fans and build an immersive experience.

Holt added that previously reported release dates were nothing more than rumors and speculation. In 2021, EA Sports College Football was rumored to have a 2023 release date, but apparently that won’t happen. Part of this delay is also due to EA now trying to add player names and likenesses in the reboot’s initial title. Name, image, and likeness (NIL) agreements were not firmly in place at the time of EA Sports College Football’s initial announcement, but now they are commonplace.

The announcement shouldn’t come as a big shock. EA Sports has been relatively quiet about the title since revealing its plans early in 2021 to bring the franchise back.

The last simulation college football game released by EA came back in 2013 with NCAA Football 14.

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