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Dubium reveals Tasks, Abilities and more in new Gameplay Trailer – Effinate Games

Dubium, an upcoming multiplayer deduction game, has given curious fans a first look at the upcoming gameplay in today’s new trailer. This included character introductions as well as a variety of tasks, kills and abilities that will be available. You can watch the full gameplay trailer on YouTube here:

Dubium is clearly a 3D riff on Among us, but that might not necessarily be a bad thing if it can deepen its influences in creative and compelling ways. However, the social deduction aspect has become very popular Dubium seems a little less gory compared to Among us.

Still, some of the missions looked pretty neat, especially the spacewalk. The rhythm of the game is now very clear, as previous trailers only offered cinematic footage. Now it is obvious that the game will include a lot more shooting than expected, how the traitors will escape in the emergency exit, and so on.

Fortunately, the kills look fun and make the most of the starship environment. The traitor has more options than ever with the technology available here, which is definitely an improvement on the genre, which generally sticks to a one-armed mechanic.

The art design looks a little clunky. It looks friendly, but not cute enough to create the visual irony of it Among us. The movement also looks like it could be a little sticky, given the strafing in the trailer, but that remains to be seen until the demo.

Between 3 October and 10 October 2022, Dubium will provide a Steam Next Fest demo for players to see for themselves. So far, it looks like it could just as easily be a success or a mess. But the trailer looks promising.

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