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Dragon Quest Builders’ latest update adds iCloud save support alongside a steep discount for both iOS and Android – Effinate Games

Published way back in May of this year, Dragon Quest Builders‘ mobile version is set to receive a new update that addresses one of the fanbase’s biggest gripes along with a pretty decent discount. When it launched back then, it had been marked down to $21.99 and is now that price once again until September 19th. Along with this, the game now has iCloud Save support, so your data will be safely secured on the iOS Cloud service!

In case you missed it when it was released, Dragon Quest Builders is a lovely little gem that mixes the JRPG mechanics and world of the Dragon Quest series with a Minecraft-style gameplay loop. The Minecraft inspiration is quite clearly worn on its sleeve and many of the same mechanics can be found in this one as well.

It includes a voxel-based world and art style along with the same block-building mechanics found in Minecraft, and also survival-style gameplay where you’ll need to eat to stay alive while breaking down the world around you for resources and use them to your advantage.

Where Dragon Quest Builders differentiates itself is with the art design first, as it still sports so beautifully dragon ball Anime look even while rocking that voxel style. But it goes deeper than that, as there are also some real RPG systems going on under the hood.

One of the coolest mechanics in Dragon Quest Builders is the ability to create your city. The closest comparison I have is Terraria, where you will build buildings that like certain NPCs, who will then seek shelter in that room and stay in them, offering you their services. Builders take the same concept and use it to the fullest as well, allowing you to make your own quasi-village.

Combine that with the fact that there’s also an actual main mission line and story in the single player, and this is basically the JRPG version of Minecraft itself! If that sounds like something you’re interested in, you can buy Dragon Quest Builders on sale right now at one of the links below!

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