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Dragon Age: Dreadwolf completes Alpha milestone – Effinate Games

Developer BioWare has just announced it Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, the upcoming sequel in the hit series, has officially completed its Alpha milestone, a key phase in the game production process. This basically means that the game has a full playable experience and can now move on to cement its final features. Here’s the big announcement from BioWare’s feed:

Dragon Age remains one of the most acclaimed adventures of its genre, weaving complex lore with fun settings. Its mythology has sometimes been expanded at the expense of its gameplay, as previous titles had a few annoying mechanical issues. But these hardly compromised the decision-driven storytelling, which is very effective.

The latest sequel has remained fairly quiet. It barely announced the title last June, revealed that Solas is the focus, and reinforced that players will be asked to make important choices again.

Now BioWare is seeking tactical feedback and reviewing their new story. They revealed that players will be able to visit Minrathous, which has huge potential and is basically a reward for longtime fans who are really invested in the lore.

Based on the pace of similar titles, it’s a little easier to speculate on a potential release window. Fan communication is always appreciated and it sets proper expectations.

Surprisingly, BioWare casually revealed in their official blog post that they have a team working hard on “a new single-player Mass effect game”, and a fresh update to Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Mass effect is one of the most beloved science-fiction games in the industry, with large-scale gameplay balanced by well-written characters. The original trilogy was recently remastered to Legendary editionadds a modern makeover and interface, so interest in the series has been renewed recently.

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