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Disney targeting two Star Wars game releases per year, insider claims – Effinate Games

For many years, EA was the sole developer of Star Wars video games. That exclusivity has now ended, and it seems that Disney wants to take advantage of the opportunity to release new games at a steady pace.

More specifically, Insider game reports that Disney wants to see Star Wars games released every six months, for a total of two per year. This apparently includes a triple-A release and a minor title that many would interpret as a mobile game or similar. That sounds like a demanding schedule, but keep in mind that there are already eight announced Star Wars games on the way.

Let’s go through the list. EA may not have exclusive rights anymore, but in early 2022 it announced that Respawn is working on three Star Wars games. One of them is Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the sequel to Fallen Order, but Respawn also has a first-person shooter and a strategy game in the works. Game four comes from Amy Hennig’s studio Skydance New Media. The others are Star Wars Eclipse from Quantic Dream, the Knights of the Old Republic remake, the arena game Star Wars: Hunters and a collaboration with Ubisoft’s Massive studio, which worked on The Division 2.

In terms of the six-month pattern, it’s hard to say which game will kick-start things. Jedi: Survivor is potentially coming out in March 2023, if an erroneous PlayStation Network listing is to be believed. Hunters, which fulfills the role of a smaller game on mobile devices and Nintendo Switch, was recently delayed from 2022 to next year. KOTOR is clearly a ways off, as the remake reportedly switched to another studio over the summer. Meanwhile, Star Wars Eclipse is facing its own problems as developer Quantic Dream has been the target of repeated allegations of toxic workplace conditions.

Of course, these are just the games we know about. Disney certainly has more irons in the fire that have yet to be revealed. Streaming series like The Mandalorian and the recently launched Andor also seems ripe for adaptations down the road.

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