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Discord voice is now available on Xbox, before PlayStation – Effinate Games

Back in July, we reported that Discord would be coming to Xbox consoles with full voice chat capabilities. The wait is over as the platform’s voice chat is now available on Xbox consoles, ahead of PlayStation.

Microsoft has announced you will now be able to chat with other players on Discord via voice channels. Users can also use the menu to see who is in their party and adventure their volume independently.

To get started using voice, you can connect your Discord and Xbox accounts directly to the console you’re playing on. You can also switch between Xbox voice chat and Discord voice chat seamlessly as well. All you need is the Discord mobile app. You can start a voice chat in the mobile app and transfer it to your Xbox.

In the same blog post, Microsoft said that those who participated in Xbox Insiders, who had provided feedback and helped shape the experience on Xbox consoles. They also closed by saying that they are excited to bring more Discord experiences to Xbox in the future.

It’s worth noting that Sony had partnered with the platform to bring the platform to PlayStation after Microsoft’s $10 billion offer fell through. The full voice functionality has not yet been added to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

It will be interesting to see how the platform integration with PlayStation will work in the future. Will PlayStation and Xbox players be able to group into voice chat together when queuing up to play cross-platform games together, or will Sony continue to be a holdout in cross-platform experiences?

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