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Die by the Blade trailer reveals November release date – Effinate Games

Die by the blade, an upcoming “samurai-punk” fighter, has released a new trailer and launch date. The game will be available on November 3, 2022 for PlayStation 4 and 5. You can watch the reveal trailer on PlayStation’s YouTube channel here:

The premise is certainly a strong hook, and surprisingly, many fans remembered the 90s PlayStation game Bushido blade. Many of the mechanics are the same, including one-on-one sword fights with one-hit kills and no health meter.

It’s the cyberpunk setting though Die by the blade that helps distinguish it. This will give developers more freedom to create unique weapons or characters.

The biggest challenge that Die by the blade have to contend with is the evolution of fighting games since Bushido blade. Competitive play has escalated since the 90s, and fans have noticed that one-hit kills may not be as viable with online play.

One-hit kills is generally a pretty frustrating mechanic, and sometimes it can even feel like a lazy way to create difficulty. But with sword fighting, it’s a perfect fit to capture the realism of samurai sword duels that could easily be decided with a single strike.

Also, while other titles with an extremely low TTK can be aggravating due to unwise team decisions (such as Battle Royale arenas), the fighting genre is better suited.

There’s a certain elegance to mastering the timing of a game like this, which focuses on parrying and dodging rather than stringing together a bunch of combos. It is important to note that Steam product page has mentioned that weapons will determine the gameplay and that fans can expect to find a single player campaign as well.

Both the graphics and the art design i Die by the Blade’s marketing looks promising. It is developed by Triple Hill Interactive, Grindstone and Toko Midori Games via publisher Kwalee.

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