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Diablo IV Beta Gameplay Footage Leaked – Effinate Games

Diablo IV

Diablo IV will be a brand new edition of Blizzard Entertainment’s colossal franchise. The first Diablo dates back to the early 90s. The series met with great interest from fans as they loved the game’s RPG and exploratory nature.

Finally, after so many entries, we’re on to Diablo IV’s launch. It was first announced in 2019; this year it was announced that the game will get a 2023 release time frame. However, no release date has been confirmed yet. It has also been subject to plenty of leaked footage. Previously, the entire menu and character customization screen for the game was leaked. This time we have leaked more than 50 minutes of gameplay.

Diablo IV leaked gameplay video

The leak has been pointed out by a Reddit user. The leak appears to be from the friends and family beta test going on for the game with DIV. You can watch the leaked footage here.

Here are a few screenshots from the gameplay:

Diablo 4 gameplay
Diablo ameplay
Diablo 4 leaked gameplay

The game appears to be playing on an ultra-wide screen, suggesting that the beta is on PC. We get a look at the game’s maps, mechanics, combat, and overall setting. This also gives us a new look at the character customization screen and playable characters.

We can hear someone say in the video that the game feels like The Witcher, which in itself is high praise. While the version is an early beta and is by no means the final form of the game, it looks great. Yes, the gameplay currently looks a bit clunky, but that’s to be expected from a beta.

Diablo IV Gameplay details

The game will act as a sequel to the previous game. It features multiplayer and different classes, contrary to what a leak said. The two main components of a Diablo game is class systems and multiplayer.

Diablo IV is an action RPG with multiplayer elements. It’s similar to other titles in the genre, including Path of Exile and Grim Dawn.

You can travel anywhere and participate in any activity, including PvP, dungeons, slaughtering random enemies and many other fun things. A primary quest line and main plot are included and can be played alone or with friends. However, there are no separate actions. The universe is vast and free. However, you will spend most of your time on leisure activities.

Diablo IV launches next year. It will be released on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S and Microsoft Windows.

What are your thoughts on the gameplay? Let us know in the comments below.

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