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Devolver Digital announces “Stick it to the Stickman” for 2023 – Effinate Games

Stick it to Stickman, a rogue stickman warrior, has just been announced with a new reveal trailer. The game will be released in 2023, and while no release date has been confirmed yet, fans can pick up the new title on Steam today.

You can watch the full trailer for Stick it to Stickman on publisher Devolver Digital’s official YouTube channel here:

Devolver Digital can’t stop winning big after the runaway success of their wildly creative and entertaining title Cult of the Lamb. Now it seems Stick it to Stickman has the same indie charm and the publisher’s trademark humor, which is really funny across the board.

The play on office politics is a great take on the popular stick man designs. Stick men are easy to develop and have been used in a number of games and YouTube content, especially the classic ones Animator vs. Animation series from Alan Becker.

The absolute mayhem of the gameplay looks to be enormous fun, and the narrative really nails the abundance of monotonous, generic language for most jobs on the market. Offices and applications often resort to arbitrary buzz words and jargon, which Stick it to Stickman have very cleverly parodied today.

This is in line with some previous marketing from Devolver, such as their Summer Game Fest trailer that parodied showcase trailers. This team clearly has a keen understanding of corporate comedy and it will be very entertaining to see it in full effect with the story being told here.

Although footage of some playtests is available on YouTube, the reveal trailer is a monumental success. It promises some fun gameplay that also strikes the balance between juvenile humor and real wit.

You can read more about Stick it to Stickman and other upcoming indies by checking out our news section!

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