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Destiny 2 “cute anime girl” gun fanart returns with Touch of Malice – Effinate Games

The Destiny 2 community is endlessly creative. A few weeks ago, a Redditor named Fancymancer shared some awesome fanart that depicted the game’s many weapons as “cute anime girls.” Fancymancer is back, and this time they’re trying to manifest a legendary loot drop with their artwork.

Fancymancer has drawn the Touch of Malice, an exotic scout rifle only available as part of the revamped King’s Fall raid. This time they took the cloth around the weapon and turned it into the “gun girl” outfit. The green energy that pulsed on top of the rifle also gave her a cool piece of headgear. In this case, the Fancymancer not only drew the character for fun, but also to manifest a Touch of Malice drop for himself. “I do the traditional gacha pull ritual of drawing fan art to increase my drop rate,” jokes the artist. Good luck with your quest, Fancymancer.

Fancymancer’s gallery of gun girls began with Thorn and Telesto, the constantly blasting fusion rifle. Between that pair of weapons and now they have drawn personifications of nine other weapons, incl ace of spades and Last word hand cannons, Sweet business and Monte Carlo auto rifles, and A thousand voices fusion rifle. Fancymancer could publish an entire art book at this rate.

Destiny 2 is currently knee-deep in its 18th season, dubbed the Season of Plunder. The looted new content includes a Sails of the Shipstealer mission to complete, a series of pirate hideouts to infiltrate, and treasure map fragments to collect, in addition to standard seasonal challenges.

The current loot pool also affects what kind of weapons you should look to pick up, and we have good roll guides for the likes of the Pizzicatto-22 machine gun, Midha’s Reckoning fusion rifle, Without Remorse shotgun and more. If you’re interested in Touch of Malice, which we featured earlier, we can also show you the best builds to use with the special scout rifle.

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