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Deltarune September 2022 update debuts new music and screenshots, new chapters won’t release this year – Effinate Games

Last we heard from Deltarune developer Toby Fox, we were promised an anniversary surprise to celebrate the second chapter’s first birthday. Fox has since written a developer update for September 2022 that gives us a glimpse of what the game’s next three chapters will entail.

That Deltarune status update begins with a recap of what Fox’s team has been up to since Chapter 2 came out in 2021. “Between [Chapters] 3, 4 and 5, we’ve already exceeded a chapter’s worth of bullets, cutscenes and gimmicks,” it says humorously. “Not only that, but the next chapters had certain aspects that took a while to set up, and now that these things are in place, the progression of the game will only become smoother and smoother.” It’s good to hear that things are moving along on the development side because there are an awful lot of people eagerly awaiting the rest of the game. The next three chapters are not necessarily the last.

The blog post has lots of things for those players to read about. The content is listed in three sections, so there’s a chance we’ll see tidbits from all three remaining chapters. Either way, internet geeks are sure to have a field day picking apart every screenshot, GIF and music track – yes, there’s a trio of new tunes to listen to, from Home Town, Castle Town and a Dark World- location called Green Room. Likewise, you’ll be able to request a new song from the Castle Town band “if you’ve recruited the right characters.” Other teases include an angry-looking little blue goblin character and an image of a new location in the Dark World, paired with the Green Room music track.

The post ends with an update that will be a disappointment to anyone who was expecting another chapter in 2022. “Sorry, nothing ready to publish this year,” it says. “So you can’t spend any money yet.” Chapters 3, 4, and 5 will be released all at once at some point in the future, but they won’t be free like the first two chapters are.

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