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Dead Cells releases the Breaking Barriers and Breaking The Bank updates onto mobile devices at long last – Effinate Games

The legendary roguelike Dead cellsdeveloped by Exercise Twin, has announced that the mobile version is finally receiving a few updates that have been available on its PC counterpart for a while now. That Breaking barriers and Break the Bank updates coming out on November 29th focus on adding both new accessibility options along with some new content!

The Breaking Barriers update itself is the one that focuses on these accessibility options, mostly adding graphical tweaks to the in-game options menu that will make the game a little easier on the eyes for color-blind audiences, those with visual impairments, and generally just anyone who finds the graphics of Dead Cells a bit overbearing at times.

The Pause The Bank update, on the other hand, is the one that focuses on content. This one introduces a new way to spend the money you earn during your runs: by investing it in unlocking new weapons and mutations. In an interesting way of adding new risk mechanics, you will also risk your savings by buying loans from the bank – but of course you will have to fight towards the end of your run to pay back the gold to enemies who will also steal the gold you just now have in your pocket.

And as a final surprise, mobile Dead Cells players will also receive the Enter The Panchaku update, which includes a flurry of balance changes to items and weapons, along with making certain tools interact with others in new ways. This adds a ton of new ways to play Dead Cells and provides an even greater range of available options than before, which was already a ton.

Dead Cells is possibly one of the most successful roguelikes ever created, both on the mobile market and also on consoles. It’s wonderful to see it still being supported by the developer this far into its life cycle. Hopefully we’ll see even more free updates soon!

If you want to try out this new content for yourself, you can purchase Dead Cells for just $8.99 at one of the links below!

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