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Dead by Daylight streamer Otzdarva is “worn down by stream snipers,” may switch to different games – Effinate Games

Cheats and stream snipers have always been an unwelcome but persistent presence in any online multiplayer game. Dead by Daylight continues to suffer from these unwanted troublemakers as developer Behavior Interactive continually turns a blind eye to the playerbase’s pleas. Streamers and content creators are often the targets of these exploits. Dead by Daylight content creator and pillar of the community, Otzdarva has almost had enough after suffering through several instances of having to confront stream snipers and hackers.

In a video Otzdarva released titled “DBD is getting really annoying to stream”, he talks about how playing Dead by Daylight has become more and more stressful for him as the number of cheaters he faces continues to be high. Otzdarva goes on to state how a wave of stream snipers are constantly monitoring his channel to match and destroy his experience and his popular 50 win streak on YouTube. He sums up the video by explaining that the experience is similar to “showing up to a party, but you’re so scared of everything that you’re wearing a Hazmat suit.” It’s an apt description given the lengths he’s had to go to complete a fight.

The video has shed light on issues that have always been a consistent presence in Dead by Daylight. Still, it remains to be seen if Behavior Interactive will address these nagging issues that the player base continues to face. This latest appeal from a respected community figure may change the minds of the developers, but whether it does or not, Otzdarva seems to be nearing the end of its patience with Dead by Daylight.

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