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Datamining reveals upcoming characters for Disney Dreamlight Valley – Effinate Games

Disney Dreamlight Valley has been compared to Animal Crossing, and for good reason – it’s a life simulation game that lets players live alongside Disney’s heroes and villains. There are plenty of Disney franchises in the game, with more to come via future updates and the game’s eventual 1.0 release. Now we have a good idea of ​​what the additional properties will be.

Reddit user MeowtinDewReddit shared a long list of names in a thread, who claim to have found them in the game’s files; they also include instructions for viewing the .txt files yourself. Names of characters not yet in the game include Aladdin, Boo, Cogsworth, Megara and many more. It’s worth noting that a few of these, like Princess Vanellope, have already been teased by previous trailers, even though they haven’t made it into the game yet. MeowtinDewReddit suspects that the characters listed here are “coming at the game’s launch,” and that would make perfect sense. At the moment we have to wait for official word from Disney.

We actually got some updates on Dreamlight Valley during D23, Disney’s annual fan event: Toy Story content coming to the game this fall. That Toy Story Realm will see players explore Andy’s room and meet more of his toys, such as Woody and Buzz Lightyear – two names notably included in the data mine. Along with a new Disney realm to explore and friends to meet, the Toy Story content also includes plenty of cool cosmetics. You will be able to change your character’s appearance with e.g. Buzz’s wings.

As it is, there are a ton of characters to unlock in Disney Dreamlight Valley. If you want to complete your collection, we have plenty of guides to help you, from Frozen‘s Elsa and Anna to the titular Moana and her demigod companion Maui. You can also unlock Ratatouille‘s Remy, and yes, that means his signature dish can be cooked.

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