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Dark Souls III PC servers are down… again – Effinate Games

After an RCE exploit was found in the Dark Souls IIIdeveloper FromSoftware and publisher Bandai Namco shut down the PC servers on it as well as the other two Dark souls titles. This already fell before Fire Ring launched.

These servers remained down until the end of last month, a downtime of around 7 months, although they remain down for the first two games as of this writing.

Unfortunately, it seems that the time of online multiplayer was short-lived, as FromSoftware announced they had to shut down the servers Dark Souls III, again. Not much information was provided, only that they are currently investigating the source of the “confirmed issue.”

The lack of information raises questions if the new shutdown is related to the RCE exploit that took them down in the first place. Unfortunately, no timetable was given for when servers can be expected to be restarted.

Dark Souls III has been available for Windows PC (via Steam), Xbox One and PlayStation 4. If you missed it, you can find our review of the Dark Souls III here (we highly recommend the game).

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