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Curve Games and Triangle Studios delay indie shooter From Space – Effinate Games

From the Room, an upcoming indie shooter that supports co-op gameplay for up to four players, has been officially delayed without a new release date. The game was originally slated for September 29, 2022. A new announcement today promises to reveal a new launch date sometime next week:

According to the statement, the delay applies to all platforms, and there is no clear reason other than the usual. Since the trailers and updates have been pretty clean so far, it’s likely that the developers simply need to polish up a few things and don’t have any serious functional issues.

As such, the new release date is unlikely to be pushed too far. Judging by comparable indies, the game can probably be expected either sometime this winter or very early 2023. It’s a shame really, as the game looks simple but sweet, despite the generic mechanics and the worn-out alien invasion premise.

Besides, From the Room was published by Curve Games, which has reliably supported countless hidden gems. Most notably, they published Human Fall Flat, which remains one of the most interesting, fun and creative ragdoll games of any genre. They also published The climbanother co-op shooter that blew up last year and has maintained near-unanimous praise.

Ideally, Curve Games must have found something similar nice in From the Room. Either way, this will be a big step for developers Triangle Studios. They only have a few games in their library, and AereA was met with some pretty harsh reviews.

Until now, From the Room looks promising, and you can see some gameplay for yourself with this official Summer of Gaming 2022 trailer:

The co-op experience seems crucial to enjoying this one as it feels more like a silly party game, but there’s nothing wrong with that. You can read more about From the RoomCurve Games and other upcoming indies by following our news section!

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