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CSR Racing 2 is hosting a special event to unveil the Pagani Utopia hypercar – Effinate Games

Zynga has just announced that it will host an event in its mobile racing game CSR Racing 2, which features the popular car company Pagani. This special event will unveil the company’s latest high-performance hypercar – the much-anticipated Pagani Utopia, which looks absolutely stunning. See its stunning appearance in the image below.

Pagani Automobili has always been known for its super advanced cars and it is located in Italy’s Motor Valley. The company has a long list of hypercars that are extremely valuable and look amazing. Released back in 2019, Pagani’s Huayra Roadster BC was first revealed in CSR2. Now, the Huayra’s successor, the Utopia is launching soon and is set to be the next worldwide sensation as it is the third model designed by Pagani’s founder himself, Horacio Pagani.

Speaking about the addition of the new car to the game, Julian Widdows, Senior Vice President of Racing at NaturalMotion said: “CSR2 allows players to race and collect extremely rare cars in the game that are otherwise unattainable for most car enthusiasts. The new Pagani Utopia is a perfect example of a high-performance vehicle with elegance and design, and CSR2 is proud to be Pagani Automobili’s partner of choice to digitally unveil Pagani Utopia to the public and to mobile gamers worldwide.”

The Pagani Utopia will become something of a collector’s car, as in addition to the high price, only 99 models will be made. And although deliveries will not begin until next year, all the models have already been purchased. Fortunately, CSR2 players will get a chance to virtually drive the hypercar ahead of time, as it’s exclusively available in-game.

A test drive around the dealership and three races can be completed for free. It must then be purchased. The entire event will take place on the Route 66 circuit, where over 40 races will be made available with a ton of rewards up for grabs.

Players can ride the Pagani Utopia from September 16. Download CSR Racing 2 for free now.

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