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Crystal Dynamics is getting a crowdfunded doc this October – Effinate Games

Crystal Dynamics, the popular game developers behind Gex and Lara Croft’s latest Tomb Raider reboot series, just got a new trailer for a crowdfunded documentary. Surprisingly, Crystal Dynamics acknowledged the fan-funded work, which is expected to be released sometime in October 2022.

The documentary comes from the popular YouTube channel NoClip, which has over 700,000 subscribers and has previously made other very successful documentaries. You can watch the full documentary trailer on their YouTube channel here:

The free nod from Crystal Dynamics is sure to have a profound effect on viewership, and there could be no better marketing for the project.

Oddly enough, the new trailer doesn’t actually include a line or two from many of the expected interviews. It would have been nice to hear some of the finer details one would expect, especially with actual recordings of the interviews.

However, it’s clear from some of the faces in the trailer that some of the studio’s most famous titles are juicy behind-the-scenes details.

One of the key interviews includes a from Tomb Raider team, and Croft’s latest trilogy has proven to be one of the most effective reboots in video game history.

Reimagined with elements of survival horror, deeper character work and excellent open worlds, the only thing missing from some of the newer games is a focus on confusing tombs. It will be very interesting to see how the creatives decided on a new course for Croft, who had previously been less down-to-earth and rough.

But fans should also expect deep cuts as the trailer promises to delve deep into the entire history of Crystal Dynamics. This includes the famous 90s platformer Gexand there are glimpses of script pages for the gothic action adventure The legacy of Cain.

Any gaming enthusiast would be pleased with such a comprehensive approach, and NoClip’s past success is certainly encouraging. You can read more about Tomb Raider and other Cyrstal Dynamics hits by checking out our news section!

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