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Crossplay comes to Valheim with new update Version 0.211.7 – Effinate Games

Iron Gate Studio shared the patch notes for update version 0.211.7 for Valheim, which includes cross-play compatibility. Crossplay support allows players on different platforms to play together on the game’s online multiplayer. As part of the update, the GUI for Valheim will be slightly different. If players on Steam play the game with other players on Steam, the GUI will remain the same.

However, if a player plays the game with another player on different platforms, there will be a code that the players must enter to join the game. Server hosts must enable crossplay for non-steam players to join the game. Dedicated servers will be available on the regular IP address and the new connection codes. All Valheim players must have the latest version of the game updated to play together. The version 0.211.7 update also includes a “Manage Saves” GUI to make it easier for players to restore and remove saves.

Furthermore, the update involves network optimization for in-game hosting, including making the game less demanding on the host when other players are in-game at the same time. The “Join Games” tab has been upgraded to allow players to add their favorite servers and check if a server is running. A new branch labeled “default_old” was incorporated into the game as part of version 0.211.7. The new branch allows players to play on the previous Steam version of the game. “default_old” is intended for players whose servers have not been able to update to the newer version of the game yet. Players may need to restart and refresh their Steam application if they do not see “default_old”.

Valheim is a survival game set in Valhalla, where players play as Vikings who must fight against great evil in the Nordic afterlife. The game entered early access in February 2021 on Steam on Windows and Linux, and the title is set to release on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S in the second quarter of 2023. Version 0.211.7 for Valheim is available to download directly now.

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