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Cross-play and Cross-Progression Coming to Rainbow Six Siege on Consoles – Effinate Games

Cross-play and especially cross-progression were some things console gamers had been asking for for a long time on Rainbox Six Siege. While both have been available, they were limited to PC, Stadia and Luna players. But now both options are coming to consoles through the new Operation Solar Raid.

Rainbow Six Siege gets cross-play and cross-progression on consoles

That new season update, Operation Solar Raid brings tons of new content to Rainbox Six Siege along with cross-play and cross-progression support on consoles. It will now essentially let you play with and against players on different consoles. So Xbox players will be able to match with PlayStation players and vice versa.

However, you still can’t cross-play with players on PC and other game streaming services, and Ubisoft has no plans to add that option just yet. Matchmaking between consoles can be disabled within the in-game options, but if you leave it on, it will automatically add players from both platforms.

RaInbox Six Siege’s new Operation Solar Raid update

Cross-progression is also part of the new update. Let’s say you had an Xbox and later switched to PlayStation before you had to start the process from scratch. With the latest update, you can use the same inventory, progress and player stats across both PlayStation and Xbox. So you always continue your progress where you left off, regardless of the console.

When using the same Ubisoft Connect account, player ranking history will also be shared between Xbox and PlayStation consoles, although again it will be kept separate from PC and streaming platforms. The player’s highest rank and most advanced Battle Pass progression will also carry over to each console. There will also be sharing of penalties for problematic online behaviour. While loaded cosmetics, operator loads and in-game settings remain platform and console specific.

Project Solar Raid

Project Solar Raid introduces a new classified 2.0 system, an upgraded battle pass, and a new map called Nighthaven Labs. It is said to be designed for “innovative strategies.” Because of this, Rainbow Six Siege will no longer use the two-tier linear battle pass system and instead adopt a non-linear advancement structure.

The update will also introduce Defender Solis, a “mid-speed, medium health” operator equipped with an SMG-11 as a secondary weapon and a P90 or an ITA 12L as her primary weapon. The new update will be live on December 6th and will bring all the new additions with it.

What are your thoughts on Rainbox Six Siege finally getting cross-play and cross-progression on consoles? Tell us in the comments.

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