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Core Keeper x Terraria crossover brings a boss and a pet to each game – Effinate Games

Core Keeper is all about exploring caves and crafting items from the resources found during your journey. Terraria’s crafting mechanics are also central to the game as you travel across its side-scrolling voxel world. With such similar premises, a crossover seemed inevitable. Now Core Keeper developer Pugstorm and Terraria team Re-Logic are finally teaming up.

Core Keepers event page on Steam has the message. “Core Keeper and Terraria are both sandbox games focused on exploration and adventure,” it reads, “and we’ve been in discussion with Re-Logic for some time now about ways we could come together to celebrate both games with our respective communities.” It turns out that the best way to do that is to simply bring a monster from one game to another.

Starting September 26, Terraria’s King Slime will be available as a boss summon in Core Keeper. King Slime isn’t necessarily the hardest boss in Terraria, but he’ll be quite the challenge in Core Keeper nonetheless. Pugstorm promises that winning the match will reward you with some special loot – we bet it’s some slime. As for Terraria, it gets the Core Keeper’s Caveling as a new pet. Usually a common enemy in Core Keeper, this will be a special domesticated version that you can manifest with the right item. Neither developer has spilled the beans on how to summon their respective new creature, leaving players to figure things out when the time comes. That said, these are permanent additions to the respective games, so there’s no rush.

Both Core Keeper and Terraria have been successful since launch. Core Keeper is still an early access title, but it has kept its fans happy with big content drops like The Sunken Sea update and limited time events like The Great Egg Hunt. Terraria, meanwhile, has been a massive hit, selling 35 million copies by March 2021. Since then, it has become the first game on Steam to reach one million user reviews, all while maintaining its positive rating.

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