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Cookie Run: OvenBreak teases upcoming Lilybell Cookie – Effinate Games

Cookie Run: OvenBreak’s Curse of the Sacred Forest update will finally introduce the Lilybell Cookie!

Cookie Run: Oven Break is side-scrolling arcade gameplay with a collection of cookies, pets and valuable treasures. Over the years, Ovenbreak has released several events and cookies related to GingerBrave’s adventures. After the epic battle with Logan Dragon Cookie, GingerBrave and other cookies had to escape and meet with Lilybell Cookie and Orchid Cookie. These two cookies are important for saving cookies and defeating the Logan Dragon Cookie.

Recently, Cookie Run has revealed that the upcoming Curse of the Sacred Forest update will come with the release of the Lilybell Cookie. Lilybell Cookie uses a lyre as a weapon to create flowers and create Flower Note Jellies. Her lyre can create Rainbow Note Jellies with Magic Candy for extra points.

Lilybell Cookie’s combo pet is known as “Squirrel.” It can eat Acorns in advance at certain intervals. After filling her cheeks with Acorns, she can shoot them back to defeat enemies. A new legendary treasure called “The essence of rejuvenation” will also be released in the new update. The new legendary treasure can summon a Forest Spirit at certain intervals, with flowers blooming along its path to create Forest Essence Jellies.

Meanwhile, new costumes are also set to arrive in the Curse of the Sacred Forest update, such as:

  • Grass Squirrel’s Honeyed Apple (Epic Costume)
  • Ribbit Shroom’s Fairy Frogster (Epic Costume)
  • Churro Cookie’s Millennial Forest Guardian (Super Epic Costume)

Along with the release of the new update is the addition of a new game mode, Team Fight: Battle for the Millennial Forest. In this mode, the player can be assigned to either the Power of the Forest or the Dark Magic team and must survive the attacks of the Millennial Beast. The goal is to complete the mission to redirect the beast’s attack to the other team. New items will be released to accompany the fight with the millennial beast.

Also, Ovenbreak will release new sets of maps every week for more diverse runs. Many exciting events, cookies and rewards are coming soon. Follow the official Cookie Run Twitter account for further updates!

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