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Cookie Run: Kingdom’s v3.6: Legend of the Duskgloom Sea update introduces two new Cookies and the Black Pearl Island game mode – Effinate Games

Another update has just gone live for Cookie Run: Kingdom, and it includes two new cookies, a game mode, a few mini-games, improvements and bug fixes. Specifically, the update introduces Black Pearl Cookie and Captain Caviar Cookie as they explore the Black Pearl Islands and uncover the Legend of the Duskgloom Sea. Watch the update’s trailer below.

Let’s start with the first cookie added with this update – the Black Pearl Cookie, which is one of the few legendary cookies available in the game. She is an Ambush type character that plays in the middle. Her skill move is called Duskgloom’s Sovereign, which transforms the Cookie into her true form and creates a vortex that deals massive periodic damage that is dealt based on the enemies’ max HP.

Next is Captain Caviar Cookie, a bomber type who also belongs in the middle of the squad. Cookie is an elder from the Crème Republic Convocation and was first seen as an NPC in a previous update. Using Black Shark Torpedo, he can unleash the torpedoes on enemies targeting low HP enemies, causing an explosion while also giving allies Debuff Resist.

The update also sees the introduction of Black Pearl Islands, the new seasonal game mode. Players can begin their journey by exchanging Stamina Jellies for a ticket to this journey. A long map, full of obstacles, awaits them, which must be cleared to succeed. The journey can be made several times and the card is changed for each journey. Players will be able to earn Black Pearl Coins, Duskgloom Keys and Sailing EXP when they complete the mission.

The island will also feature new mini-games such as Thunder Plunder and Duskgloom Run. Additional events include the Abyssal Pearl Gacha, Moon Rabbit Cookie’s Autumn Picnic and more. The Treacherous Duskgloom Sea Decor Theme is also available. More details on the version 3.6 update can be found in-game.

Explore Black Pearl Island now by downloading Cookie Run: Kingdom for free.

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