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Cookie Run: Kingdom teases upcoming Christmas update with new epic and super epic cookies – Effinate Games

Image: Cookie Run: Kingdom

Recently, Cookie Run: Kingdom gave a sneak peek at version 11.30 Christmas update, titled Tales by the fireplace. The update features the debut of two new cookies – the epic Carol Cookie and the super epic Sherbet Cookie. Additionally, Cookie Run: Kingdom will release a Sugar Gnomes Holiday Cake Shop.

The first cookie to debut in Cookie Run: Kingdom’s Christmas update is Sherbet Cookie. He is a Super Epic Cookie with he/him pronouns. He is a ranked type and is prioritized to be placed in the middle. In the story, he is a close friend of Cotton Cookie, who took care of him when he was sick. His primary skill is “Frost Shards”; however, details regarding his skills have yet to be revealed. Sherbet Cookie has been voted off Ise Mariya (JPN), known as Killua Zoldyck in Hunter X Hunter.

The next new cookie is the epic one Carol Cookie. She first appeared in LINE Cookie Run in 2015 and was released to OvenBreak in 2017. She is a healing type and prioritized to be placed in Rear. Her ability is called “Magic Songs.” Details regarding her skill have yet to be revealed; but on OvenBreak she uses her harp and singing skills to cause various effects on the track.

A return of Holiday cake shop will also be included in the Christmas update. “Behind the holiday cake” is published every Christmas season. This year it will feature Sugar Gnomes, where players will bake cakes and celebrate the holiday with cookies. The Tower of Sweet Chaos will also include a new holiday edition. The tower wants one Tray 250 Extension with brand new rewards. There will also be one Tray Jump, which is created to jump over already cleared hills.

Cookie Run: Kingdom’s Stories by the Fireplace update is scheduled for release on 30 November 2022.

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