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Cookie Run: Kingdom opens Black Pearl Islands in latest update – Effinate Games

Cookie Run: Kingdom patch 3.6 is now live and features the latest exciting content which includes the Black Pearl Islands. Patch 3.6 consists of the latest story, titled “Legend of the Duskgloom Sea”, along with the release of two new cookies.

Cookie Run: Kingdom 3.6 update introduces the Legendary Ambush Cookie, Black Pearl Cookieand an epic bomber cookie, Captain Caviar Cookie. Captain Caviar Cookie is originally an NPC. He is an Elder of the Republic and captain of the Salty Shark. Previously there was an error regarding Captain Caviar’s type. He was originally a Charge cookie, but was eventually changed to Bomber. Currently, the Black Pearl Cookie, known as the “Truth behind the horrors of the Duskgloom Sea”, is now the third legendary cookie after the Sea Fairy and the Frost Queen.

The English voice actor of Black pearl Cookies is Erica Mendez, known for her as Megumin in Isekai Quartet and Ryuko Matoi in Kill la Kill. Meanwhile, the English voice actor is off Captain Caviar Cookie is Dave Fennoywho is known for his role as Tetrax Shard in Ben 10 and T’Chaka in Ultimate Avengers 2.

Cookie Run: Kingdom version 3.6 also introduces a new game mode called “Black Pearl Islands.” This limited-time event centers around the story of the two new cookies. Each trip to Black Pearl Island costs 15 stamina jellies. In this mode, players can choose their travel path to get rewards. Included in the journey are several unique battles and mini-games.

Players should also keep an eye out for the Kingdom Arena season. Tomorrow the season ends, so get ready to collect the corresponding rewards. In the meantime, Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookie Run: Kingdom will continue to add more playable cookies, so players should prepare by stacking up gems by participating in the events of the current update.

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