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Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team introduces collaboration with FC Barcelona with new characters and events – Effinate Games

KLab Inc‘s popular anime soccer simulator Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team has debuted its newest players added to the roster, each adorned in the official FC Barcelona uniform. Starting September 9th, these new players will be available in the game’s gacha system, along with some celebratory events to herald their arrival as well.

Let’s discuss the new players first. Using the new FC Barcelona Selection Transfer gacha banner, you will now be able to summon Rivaul, Cordoba Gonzales and Pedro Fonseca, all wearing the official FC Barcelona kits. This will be a step-up transfer where 1 SSR player will be guaranteed at step 3 and 1 new SSR character will be guaranteed at step 5.

On top of this new banner, the daily login event that runs during this event will also reward you with the SSR FC Barcelona Uniform version of Tsubasa herself, completely free. Overall, that’s 4 new characters up for grabs, one of which you don’t have to lose money in the real world either.

There will also be three other events going on, one of which will allow players to complete limited scenarios once per day to receive an SSR Special Skill Enhancement along with some Dream Pot tickets and more. Then we have Event Missions which will ask you to complete some timed objectives to also receive a ton of UR and SSR rewards.

Finally, the Dreamball stock will be updated to include FC Barcelona 2022/2023 Home, Away and GK Kits. You will be able to exchange Dreamballs to receive this if you wish, along with the usual rewards also available in the exchange.

As you can see, there are lots of new things on offer here, and you can experience most of it for free too! If you’d like to join in, you can download Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team for free at one of the links below this article.

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