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Canceled Silent Hill Reboot Screenshots Leaked on the Internet – Effinate Games

Over the years, we’ve had dozens of rumors from various sources about an untold number of Silent Hill games in development by various studios. The last tangible source of these leaks was similarly, when a few alleged Silent Hill screenshots were leaked by Dusk Golem, for a game that was claimed to be Silent Hill. We now have some new Canceled Silent Hill Reboot Screenshots that are from a scrapped project led by Team Bloober.

Canceled Silent Hill reboot Screenshots leaked

The original leak was made by the Twitter user avenue 135 who have since deleted the tweets and made their account private, but Andrew Marmo was able to save the screenshots.

Here are some close-ups:

If the pictures are blurry, that’s because that’s how they are.
A leaked rumored Silent Hill screenshot
A parody of Dusk Golem’s way of watermarking images

Besides, Dusk Golem came across the photos on a ResetEra thread:

Dusk Golem comments on ResetEra
Dusk Golem comments on the screenshots

So all in all, this is another leak of screenshots of a game that looks like a Silent Hill title, but until we know more about it outside of 1 source, we’ll have to take Dusk Golem’s word for it.

A Silent Hill reboot/remake/remaster has been in the rumor mill for a few years now, and every year when Konami’s name pops up at a show, people used to set expectations for a surprise reveal, but nothing ever happened. Finally, Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid are now effectively the “boy who cried wolf” of gaming rumors. Everything about them is now met with great skepticism.

Although the images are too blurry or low in resolution to make anything definitive out of them, the world is long gone due to a proper foray into the world of Silent Hills. Maybe one day in the future we can earn it?

What are your thoughts on the leak. Let us know in the comments section below.

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