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Call of the Sea VR releases first official screenshots – Effinate Games

Call of the Seathe indie adventure game that developer Out of the Blue Games launched back in 2020 has just revealed new screenshots for an upcoming VR version of the game. Call of the Sea VR was redesigned with Unreal Engine 4 and will be available on Meta Quest 2. Here’s the first look at the VR version of the game, from developer Out of the Blue Games:

Call of the Sea was an absolute hit the moment it launched, capturing a pure sense of adventure with its interesting puzzles and charming art design that reflects the traditional explorer’s aesthetic. The environments are also well designed.

Combining all these features makes Call of the Sea a perfect candidate for VR gameplay as the game is driven more by mystery and discovery. Large-scale action sequences have always been difficult to translate to VR, which is still a nascent technology and continues to feel clunky even when it comes to simple shooters.

In fact, today’s new screenshots look like one small also clumsy compared to the original game. But it gives fans an idea of ​​how immersive Call of the Sea VR has the potential to be. It was always going to be a very interactive title, so it will be exciting to see how players will have to adapt to complete familiar puzzles. It’s also an option to add even more tangible objects if the developers choose to go that route.

All the visuals and mechanics aside, the story inside Call of the Sea often receives the highest praise. Plot is unusual for the VR genre, so it will be a welcome addition to the Meta Quest library, making VR a little more accessible. After all, it is also expensive technology, so the fan base will be smaller. It says a lot that the developers invested in redesigning this indie for VR.

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