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Call of Duty NEXT 2022 roundup – Modern Warfare II, Warzone 2.0 and Warzone Mobile – Effinate Games

Call of Duty has just released a massive livestream that boasts a number of updates to the series’ biggest titles, in addition to news about the future of the franchise. The showcase highlighted Modern Warfare II, Warzone 2.0and Warzone mobile.

You can watch the entire live stream on Call of Duty’s official YouTube channel here, including key creatives behind the franchise and some of the biggest streamers:

Modern Warfare II Multiplayer

The first major reveal of the live event was a world premiere of Modern Warfare II multiplayer overview. It was mostly cinematic, but still revealed a variety of locations, equipment, and a plot involving worldwide terrorist cells. It teased battles on the American frontier, 3rd person mode and prisoner extraction.

Equipment highlights include drill charges, drone explosives, inflatable mines, DDOS breaches, heartbeat sensors and throwable surveillance cameras. There will also be improved movement and new tactics thanks to ledge hanging, peeking and diving.

There were also hints for Gunsmith 2.0, showing off unique barrels, buttstocks, optics and receivers. The new Gunsmith will allow players to unlock universal/shared attachments, creating amazing levels of customization.

Battle Maps: Sarrif Bay, Mercado Las Almas

Sarrif Bay includes a bunch of new water-based combat, in addition to the traditional urban areas that inspire more parkour. The new emphasis on water will introduce boat chases, swimming and different effects on different equipment underwater.

Mercado Las Almas is a street market in Mexico that is expected to play faster and will support 6v6 matches.

Game Modes: Invasion, Prisoner Rescue, Special Ops

Invasion features a large death match between two teams of 20, each with 20 AI support players. Prisoner Rescue is a round-based mode where players compete to control or rescue hostages, with no revival allowed. Special Ops will focus on two-player, asymmetric missions that incorporate themes from missions like Overwatch.

Warzone 2.0

Warzone 2.0 will be launched on November 16. It will connect more strongly across the franchise, including shared weaponry, mechanics and even locations. E.g, War zone will also feature Sarrif Bay, confirming our leak from earlier today. The official live stream also confirmed the map’s name, Al Mazrah, and the key points of interest we revealed.

Image: Activision

The new card is the largest BR card in Call of Duty story, with points of interest each having several unique benefits this time around. There will also be a surprising number of Easter eggs.

Vehicles will feel more distinct and realistic now, including destructible tires and reactive weights. They can also transport entire teams across the map.

New and updated features

Warzone 2.0 will add proximity chat, Gulag returns, and looting will be more reliable because locations will dictate logical corresponding supplies. The final circle has evolved into a new split mechanic where it splits into different locations and repeats itself in the late game.

Strong Holds are fortified buildings filled with AI, and players can attack them to acquire free loadout items. These also give players leads to black sites with even more special loot.

DMZ mode confirmed

DMZthe much-awaited extraction mode, comes with Warzone 2.0’s launch. It will offer a sandbox experience with different win conditions and challenging AI playing across the entire map. You can choose specific missions, complete activities, explore and attack other players or avoid them at will.

Warzone mobile

Alpha footage shows the real thing War zone experience with Verdansk on mobile. Particular attention was paid to physics, feedback and controls to maintain a smooth and authentic experience.

There will be contracts for a complex economy, brutal finishing moves, killstreaks and the return of the 1v1 Gulag. Up to 120 players can participate in a live match thanks to shared technology with the core game. This is truly unprecedented for any mobile title and certainly looks promising provided it works properly.

Warzone mobile will also support cross-progression, side-by-side Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare IIalthough it will still have exclusive features. Call of Duty has comprehensively regrouped into a clear, unified experience.

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