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Bungie lays out a plan to reignite Crucible in Destiny 2, but players remain skeptical – Effinate Games

Season 19 of Destiny 2 looks like the much needed shot in the arm that PvP players have been crying out for for a very long time. Bungie has laid plans for a massive overhaul of the Competitive playlist with Season 19, starting on December 6th, with a complete overhaul of the Glory system, now called the Competitive Division.

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Along with the massive changes in competitive play, more casual playlists are also getting some updates. Fireteam-based matchmaking will be introduced in both Crucible and Trials of Osiris modes, along with changes to skill-based matchmaking. The new adjustments to skill-based matchmaking are described as a way to “increase the skill window our system looks for when you match if you’re in a low population skill group or during a particularly low population time.” Bungie’s intention is to reduce match wait times and establish good connections during a match to prevent bad latency issues and to maintain a balance of player skills when matched against each other, which is a good step towards a healthy PvP population.

The biggest surprise is the total overhaul of the Glory playlists, or Competitive division, as it is now called starting with Season 19. Replacing the old system of Glory ranks, which had a static cap and could be reset infinitely, is a new ladder-based system with ranks similar to most other competitive PvP shooters on the market. This significantly tighter standard for determining player skill seems to establish a much more granular approach compared to the past, where lobbies sometimes had wildly varied players that would result in sometimes one-sided matches or streaks of losses that could not be recovered. While on paper this seems like an extremely positive change, it remains to be seen how it will be implemented.

Reactions to posts made by Bungie community manager dmg04 have a lot of positive outlook for the better reward tracks with new weapons and armor, but some players remain skeptical of the matchmaking changes. Major PvP streamers have mixed reactions, but are happy with the ladder-based system in the Competitive Division. More casual players are still a little bitter about the inclusion of skill-based matchmaking left in the 6v6 Control playlists, but Bungie seems to be set on this system being what it is.

This is a very good view of what Bungie could intend to do with Destiny 2 in the future with more rewards and content finally coming to a rather unloved part of the game for some time now. However, the execution of the plan is what must be a defining moment for society. Many have been upset with Bungie’s treatment – or lack of treatment at all – of the PvP side of Destiny 2, but the opportunity to win back that player base certainly looks like a small step in the right direction.

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