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BTS and Cookie Run: Kingdom collaboration schedule announced – Effinate Games

A BTS and Cookie Run: Kingdom team up to bring “Braver together” event!

After the highly successful collaborations with Disney and Sonic Crossover, Cookie Run: Kingdom is now in the process of establishing a new partnership with BTS, one of the most popular pop bands in South Korea. BTS has gained worldwide fame as a result of the success of their several pop hits including “Butter” and “Dynamite”. The band’s seven members are at the heart of the group’s appeal. Recently, Cookie Run: Kingdom’s developer, Devsisters, got the chance to collaborate with BTS.

“ARMY is a unique group of fans who genuinely love BTS because of the band’s authenticity and message of self-love, social justice and mental health.” The music from BTS actually talks about self-love and acceptance, which adheres to the cookies’ quest. Through it, BTS members and cookies must solder themselves and be “braver together.”

Jaechan Cho, Devsisters USA Marketing Team Member

The “BTS X Cookie Run: Kingdom” event runs from September 23 to October 12 (EST) and September 24 to October 13 (KST). The pre-registration tickets will be available on September 23rd (EST) and September 24th (KST). A story titled “The Tales of BANGTAN Kingdom”, will be the focus of this event.

Each member of BTS (Jimin, Jung Kook, Jin, V, RM, j-hope and SUGA) will have their unique cookie. Also, a special photo will be released on October 6th (EST) and October 7th (KST). There would also be an in-game concert or performance at the October 12th (EST) or October 13th (KST) event. Meanwhile, the events to be presented on 5-12 October (EST) or the 6-13 October (KST), still unknown.

Cookie Run: Kingdom fans have high expectations for what the “Brave Together” event will bring to the table for them to enjoy. Although the event is approaching, the schedule may still end up being different depending on how things go.

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