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Bring Arts Final Fantasy VII Tifa and Aerith figures come with NFTs – Effinate Games

Square Enix has announced new Bring Arts action figures for Tifa and Aerith from their seminal RPG, Final Fantasy VII.

While this news is usually good and mostly bland when it comes to announcing merch of any game – these numbers also come with something special.

Those who buy these figures also get a trade-in ticket for an NFT through Enjin wallet. Yes, the figures come with NFTs, which isn’t a surprise since Square Enix sold major IPs earlier this year to raise money to invest in the concept.

The standard editions of the figures are $129.99, while there is also a digital plus edition which costs $159.99. Both versions include an NFT, but the latter comes with a code to get the digital version of the figure, which can be viewed on an Augmented Reality app.

There is also a figure of Cloud Strife, the main character of Final Fantasy VIIwhich also comes with NFT like the girls.

Although this is only tied to games as a product of merchandise, NFTs in video games have been a controversial topic. Some companies reject the premise entirely like the developers of Minecraft. While others add them to their games such as the latest ones Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds.

Then there are shop fronts that take different positions on the matter. Where Steam has banned NFTs, the Epic Games Store took a neutral stance, believing that storefronts “shouldn’t interfere” with whether developers will implement NFTs or not.

With NFTs promoted in line with Square Enix’s massively popular title i Final Fantasy VII and therefore the Final Fantasy series as a whole. It seems that their work to implement blockchain technology into their products will continue to continue and grow.

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