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Bonelab announces release date with new gameplay overview – Effinate Games

Bone lab, an upcoming VR action game, has revealed brand new gameplay in a lengthy overview of its unique features and mechanics. The overview also announced this Bone lab will be available on September 29, 2022. You can watch the new in-depth look at the game on YouTube here:

Bone lab was developed and published by Stress Level Zero. They are the same team behind the surprise hit Boneworks, which similarly used strange physics, mystical elements, and technological intrigue. It also received a huge amount of praise from fans, both for its gameplay and its innovation.

And even though that game was released as far back as 2019, it’s immediately clear from today’s overview that the developers haven’t lost their love for VR, but are still determined to push its boundaries in creative and satisfying ways. Even minor mechanics, such as adjusting self-touch between yourself and the in-game avatar, look very impressive.

The reason Bone lab What feels so promising, from the footage shown today, is that Stress Level Zero understood that VR features should first and foremost support a good game. Bone lab looks just as unique and exciting as previous titles from the studio. The physics weapons certainly look fun to use, and the story has a unique freedom to it, even with some of its familiar themes.

It’s a bit strange that the release date was only confirmed today, a week after launch. This can make it difficult to find new players. That could be quite damaging to the VR arena, which is already a niche audience.

But the existing audience will definitely eat this up. It was also a smart move to hear from the artists themselves, as their genuine passion is kind of contagious.

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