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Blue Archive is celebrating a late Valentine’s Day with two events – Effinate Games

A few weeks ago, Nexon revealed a roadmap of upcoming events for its mobile JRPG Blue Archive. Pre-registrations were active for both and starting today players can join Schale’s Happy Valentine Patrol and Kosaka Wakamo’s Silence and Feast. The game celebrates the festival of love late, but the commemoration will still be massive. Those who pre-registered will get a lot of rewards, but even if you missed out, everyone still stands to receive a 10-Recruit Ticket, which can be claimed repeatedly to get up to 100 free character moves.

All Kivotos in Blue Archive celebrate Valentine’s Day, but some people need to work on this lovely occasion. While the rest of the town falls in love, Sensei and her students will patrol the streets and solve problems wherever they raise their heads. Eventually, the group will be ambushed by Wakamo, so they will have to deal with that as well.

Wakamo, whose alias is Fox of Calamity, is a sniper rifle user who is a formidable character. She hides behind her mask, but her destruction is witnessed by all. Wakamo is a Mystic-type attacker that deals damage to allies and deals the same amount to enemies as Mystic damage. She will be free for the next two days until September 10th.

The update also expands the student list with three new ones. Fubuki belongs to the Valkyrie Police School and can be unlocked by completing episode one of the new quest. The next two are the grenade launcher using Sena and Chihiro, the deputy director of Veritas, the hacker group. The latter two will have pickup arrangements until September 20.

A few other events will also be held. Players can participate in the Under a Shining Moon Crimson Shade of Hide and Seek, which runs until September 18. More rewards will be up for grabs which will be revealed soon.

Celebrate love by downloading Blue Archive now for free.

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