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Bloodborne isn’t getting Updated Anytime Soon by From Software, says Industry Insider – Effinate Games

From Software’s latest title, Elden Ring was arguably the developer’s most successful work to date. The game made headlines by staying at the top of the Steam charts for many weeks. But there is another From the Software franchise that perfected the art of soul-like games, it’s none other than Bloodborne.

Bloodborne launched in 2015 for the PlayStation 4. It received huge praise from fans and critics alike. To this day, the game is considered one of the best action RPG games on the PlayStation. Despite its massive popularity, From Software hasn’t done anything to the game lately.

Bloodborne will not be updated by Form Software

While some of the other games are getting updates to make them use the features of the next generation hardware, Bloodborne has not been updated. We saw games like The Last of Us get a remake, and even Witcher 3, which was also released in the same year, gets a new re-patch.

To add salt to the wounds of those fans who wanted a Bloodborne update, Jeff Grubb just confirmed that From Software won’t be updating it anytime soon. In a recent episode of the Xbox Expansion Pass, the game journalist stated:

'I think nothing is happening with Bloodborne. The answer to that is From Software is very busy with Elden Ring.' He said, 'While Sony could a hire a team to work on it, From Software built the game in such a way that you couldn't just hire a team to work on it. They'd have to open doors to the part of a code that is a bit messed up.'

You can watch the entire interview here:

Of course, due to the success of the Elden Ring, it should be their main concern at least from a business perspective. The game has reportedly sold 16.6 million copies so far according to Statista, which in itself is amazing considering the game only came out this year.

On the brighter side of things, Jeff has stated that this does not reflect that they are done with Bloodborne. Updates are expected, but will not happen anytime soon, although it may happen in the future. Bloodborne needs an update as there are a few problems with kom. Primarily it can’t do 60 FPS, it has frame pacing issues.

We can only hope that the update happens soon as fans are truly ready for a refreshed Bloodborne experience. We will make sure to keep an eye out for the latest information, so stay tuned.

Are you a fan of Bloodborne? What changes would you like to see when the game is updated? Let us know in the comments below.

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