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Blackout Rugby Manager is a new sports sim that is out now on Android and iOS – Effinate Games

Blackout Games has just announced the release of their new sports management simulator Blackout Rugby Manager, which is now available on mobile and PC. What started as a text-based browser game back in 2006 has now evolved into what is being touted as the most detailed rugby team sim ever made. The game makes players the backbone of a team and pits them against other managers across the globe thanks to the game’s in-depth multiplayer system with numerous social features.

Basically, Blackout Rugy is an MMO rugby manager where players create their own team, which they must train to compete and win on the world stage. As players take on the mantle of manager, they won’t be far from the action. Thanks to the game’s advanced match engine, players will be able to see their team engage against other clubs in 3D. As the match progresses, leaders will need to employ multiple tactics and take advantage of different training regimes to dictate the direction of the match.

Speaking about Rugy Blackout and the future of the company, Jeremy Bell, Founder and CEO said: “The player experience is at the heart of what we do, so we will continue to improve Blackout Rugby and add exciting features and game modes. Having developed sports sims for several years, this launch is a huge achievement. We look forward to rolling out the football management sim later in 2022 and the cricket title soon after.”

Players must have an intricate knowledge of rugby and how the game works as their management skills will be tested at all times. They must make important decisions regarding players’ training routines, account for injuries, negotiate contracts, find sponsors, scout players and upgrade the stadium and facilities. Everything you expect a manager to do will be part of this game.

Begin your management duties now by downloading Blackout Rugby Manager for free.

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