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Black Desert Online introduces Atoraxxion’s third biome: Yolunakea – Effinate Games

MMORPG Black Desert online released the first part of its four-part dungeon crawl back in 2021, so it’s safe to say players have been eagerly awaiting its conclusion.

Pearl Abyss has worn Black Desert online fairly long with significant small amounts of true co-op content, with Black Desert online‘s first iteration will be released in December 2014.

The new update blog for the dungeon’s third biome reads:

Black Desert Online Yolunakea Biome

Today’s update introduces Atoraxxion’s third biome: Yolunakea. If Vahmalkea’s theme can be called “desert” and Sycrakea is “the deep sea”, Yolunakea’s theme is a “sunlit forest” – designed to present a completely different atmosphere than the other two biomes.

With Yolunakea, we paid close attention to how long it took to reach the final boss to ensure that adventurers wouldn’t spend too much time running through Vahmalkea → Sycrakea → Yolunakea as a party.

You can expect to spend less time reaching Yolunakea’s final boss, Amarillos, compared to the time it took Vahmalkea and Sycrakea’s boss. (This is, of course, assuming everyone in the party understands Yolunakea’s mechanics.)

As a boss, Amarillos has a total of three phases. Similar to Sycrakea’s final boss “Centilutos”, all five adventurers must work together and coordinate their tactics to subdue the Amarillos.

So we invite you to continue the story started by Vaha and Syca. Unravel the story of Yolu, the third disciple of Dehkia, and defeat her ultimate weapon, the Amarillos.

Players will undoubtedly have to work together in complex puzzles and difficult encounters to beat this large segmented dungeon.

Black Desert online has been available on Microsoft Windows (via Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, iOS and iPadOS.

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