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Black Desert Mobile’s latest class, the Buccaneer, is now live in the popular MMO – Effinate Games

Hello friends! The high seas call as Black Desert Mobile introduces its newest class – the crushing pirate Buccaneer. Players can set sail in Pearl Abyss’ RPG starting today as the new playable hero is now live. She joins the game’s roster of powerful classes with her Patraca weapon and a loyal squad called the Slippery Scallywags, full of otters who will protect the Buccaneer at all costs.

The Buccaneer class in Black Desert Mobile is quite powerful and has a lot of unique moves. Her basic move is Mistbreaker, which uses the Patraca at close range to slice through enemies that will be knocked back, while Buccaneer gains 10 MP. For ranged enemies, Single Tap sends a powerful harpoon in their direction, knocking them back and regaining 10 MP again. Then there’s Reverberate, which is kind of a dual attack that uses both the Patraca and a harpoon to do massive damage.

The Captain’s Will can be used to increase the attack range and number of hits of most of these moves. The buccaneer can also command her crew to drop a massive anchor right down on her enemies, completely obliterating them. She is able to possess four active skills from the start, with more becoming available as she levels up. These are just some of Buccaneer’s characteristics. There are many more moves and much more to learn about her, all of which can be found in the game itself.

To celebrate the arrival of the Buccaneers, BDM is hosting two in-game events until September 19. Scallywag’s Daily Missions will provide rewards like battle buffs and CP boosts, while Daily Support quests offer chests and crafting materials based on play time. Another cool thing is that this class is awakened after creation so she can reach her potential right away.

Add Buccaneer to your team now by downloading Black Desert Mobile for free.

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