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Black Desert Mobile’s Fairy and Magical Creatures update introduces adorable fairies as companions – Effinate Games

Pearl Abyss has just released an update for the adventure game Black Desert Mobile, titled Fairies and Magical Creatures. As the name suggests, the update introduces super adorable Fairies as companions for players. Watch the cute trailer below.

Fairies have existed in the world of Black Desert Mobile since ancient times. They were blessed by Queen Theiah and were always under the protection of the Kamasylve tree. Unfortunately, this peace did not last. Just as curiosity killed the cat, a mysterious rift got the best of them. They were extremely attracted to it and unknown to them, this gap was feeding on their energy. In the end, the whole adventure was tormented and only players can save them.

In this update, players will find themselves accompanied by a fairy that they have to look after and nurture from childhood all the way to adulthood. Adventurers can start raising their baby fairies by interacting with them, chatting, dancing, singing and doing lots of fun activities. This will strengthen their bond and help raise their stats. Initially, they will be in the Fairy House, where players can participate in game time.

As they grow, fairies will learn one of six traits – cheerful, honest, relaxed, brave, creative and kind. This personality will be selected based on the selected chat responses. It will ultimately affect the overall stats of the adult fairy. Players can also evolve them to increase their skill slots and maximum attributes by using the Blossom feature.

To celebrate this update, several events are also being held. A login event will be held until October 10, giving rare prizes such as Black Pearl currency and the Adventurer’s Alchemy Stone Growth Support Chest. The Fairy’s Adventure (live until September 19) features exclusive goodies such as the Adventurer’s Primal Accessory Chest and the Neruda Shen Ancient Secret Chest, which will be granted by defeating monsters and collecting dice pieces.

Get your fairy companion by downloading Black Desert Mobile now for free.

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