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BitLife’s Business update has an official release date and will be the biggest update to date – Effinate Games

The BitLife team has commented on when the long-awaited Business update is coming to the mobile game. The team has been teasing the update for months now and fans have been eager to get their hands on it and create a massive business empire with their characters. Fortunately, fans won’t have to wait much longer, with the Business update set to release on September 12th.

The BitLife team commented that they initially planned to release the Business update on September 9, a Friday. However, there were a handful of complications on their side and they pushed it to Monday to give their team a proper break from developing it, which is extremely understandable.

The BitLife Twitter account commented that the Candywriter development team did the final touches on September 9 and will submit the update for approval soon. They expect to release it sometime on Monday. However, the update still needs to be approved, and if something happens there, there could be a delay.

Barring unforeseen complications with the approval process for business updates, or any game-breakers discovered in this last window, the Business update is almost upon us. There have only been brief comments or small teasers presented by the BitLife twitter account about the upcoming Business update. Players can control everything behind a business, such as setting fixed costs for products, the marketing costs to advertise it, how much each product will cost, how many they will put into production, and much more.

When the Business update arrives on BitLife, players will want to make sure they have already purchased the Business Job Pack on their account. This way they get immediate access to the content when it is made available. Hopefully it will be September 12th, but the date could change based on what happens during the approval process.

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